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Currency is a gameplay element in Cattails. There are four main types of currency: Mews, Mole Cash, Festival Tokens, and Task Tokens. The player can use currency to buy accessories, coat colors, den upgrades, items, and pets.



Mews are the main currency used in Cattails. The player can earn Mews by selling items they have acquired, defeating enemies, and exchanging Task Tokens. Rare and ultra rare items sell for more Mews. They can be used to buy items, accessories, coat colors, inventory upgrades, and den expansions. Den expansions will unlock the den garden, storage and spare rooms, and the kitten nursery. There are only two moles who will accept Mews: the Miner Mole and Molby. Mews can also be used to purchase Custom Colony structures and den styles if the player has created their own colony. 

Mole Cash

Mole cash.png

Mole Cash can only be used in mine shops to buy items from moles who do not accept Mews. The player can earn Mole Cash by mining for gemstones and ores that can be exchanged to the moles. Mole Cash can also be found inside of rocks in the mine. They are used to buy items, accessories, coat colors, inventory upgrades, and a Warp to the respective mine it was bought at. 

Festival Tokens


Festival Tokens can only be earned and used at festivals, on the tenth day of each season. Festival Tokens can be used to buy items from the festival shop. They can be earned by participating in festival games when speaking to Coco. The player can earn 1 to 3 Festival Tokens based on their game results. After leaving the Sacred Temple, the player cannot see them in their inventory or use them until the next festival. They can be used to buy items, accessories, coat colors, and Power Paws

Task Tokens

Task Token.png

Task Tokens are rewards for completing daily tasks. They can only be used in the Task Board Shop. Varying amounts of Task Tokens can be earned from different tasks. Aside from items, accessories, and pelts, Task Tokens can also be used to purchase three other currencies: Mews, Mole Cash, and XP.


  • There is an unused type of currency in the game's code that appears as multicolored jewels. When collected, they award varying amounts of Mews.[1]