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Customization is a gameplay element in Cattails. It allows the player to customize their cat's appearance. There are three customization types available: accessories, coat colors, and eye colors. There are currently 98 accessible coat colors and 13 eye colors.


The player can customize their cat by opening their inventory and selecting Change on the right side, or by opening the inventory and pressing the space bar. In the customization menu, the player cat's eye color and accessories can be changed in the left panel (next to the cat eyes icon), while coat color can be changed in the center panel by selecting any of the square-shaped icons.

Eye Color

The player can change their eye color anytime. There are thirteen default eye colors available. The player cannot unlock or buy new eye colors. The player cat's kittens can inherit their eye color, their mate's, or a mix of both parents' colors.


Most accessories and coat colors can be bought at shops. However, there are other ways to obtain coat colors:

  • Fulfill requirements (See: Special Conditions below for more info.)
  • Early Access or Kickstarter backer
  • Promo codes

Coat Colors

Coat colors can be used to customize the player cat's fur. There are 6 default coat colors available. Other colors can be bought at shops, earned through special challenges, or unlocked by entering promo codes.

The player can change a Custom Colony cat's fur by using the Recolor Token. The Recolor Token cannot be used on kittens or cats from other colonies.

Default Colors

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name
Blue coat icon.png Default-Blue.png Blue
Chocolate coat icon.png Default-Chocolate.png Chocolate
Cream coat icon.png Default-Cream.png Cream
Gray coat icon.png Default-Gray.png Gray
Orange coat icon.png Default-Orange.png Orange
White coat icon.png Default-White.png White

Ember's Exotic Emporium

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Cost
Black coat icon.png Forest-Black.png Black 90 Mews
Red color.png Forest-Red.png Red 90 Mews
Orange white color.png Forest-Orange-White.png Orange/White 120 Mews
Black-White coat icon.png Forest-Black-White.png Black/White 120 Mews
Blue-White coat icon.png Blue-white.png Blue/White 120 Mews
O calico color.png Forest-Orange Calico.png Orange Calico 150 Mews
O tabby color.png Forest-Orange Tabby.png Orange Tabby 150 Mews
Light Orange Tabby coat icon.png Forest-Light Orange Tabby.png Light Orange Tabby 150 Mews
Brown Tiger coat icon.png Forest-Brown TIger.png Brown Tiger 150 Mews
Ticked gray color.png Forest-Ticked Gray.png Ticked Gray 150 Mews

Delta's Guaranteed Goods

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Cost
Sand coat icon.png Mountain-Sand.png Sand 90 Mews
Npd.PNG Mountain-Navy.png Navy 90 Mews
Gwpd.PNG Gray-White coat.png Gray/White 120 Mews
Sand-White coat icon.png Sand-White coat.png Sand/White 120 Mews
Stpd.PNG Mountain-Silver Tabby.png Silver Tabby 150 Mews
Tortoiseshell-White coat icon.png Tortoishell-White coat.png Tortoiseshell/White 150 Mews
Tpd.PNG Mountain-Tortoise.png Tortoise 150 Mews
Mbpd.PNG Mountain-Mottled Brown.png Mottled Brown 150 Mews
Blue Tortoiseshell coat icon.png Mountain-Blue Tortoiseshell.png Blue Tortoiseshell 150 Mews

Savannah's Shoppe

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Cost
Cinnamon coat icon.png Mystic-Cinnamon.png Cinnamon 90 Mews
Yellow coat icon.png Mystic-Yellow.png Yellow 90 Mews
Caramel color.png Mystic-Caramel.png Caramel 90 Mews
Brown coat icon.png Mystic-Brown.png Brown 90 Mews
Cinnamon white color.png Cinnamon-White coat.png Cinnamon/White 120 Mews
Ticked Brown coat icon.png Ticked brown.png Ticked Brown 125 Mews
Gold tabby color.png Mystic-Gold Tabby.png Gold Tabby 150 Mews
Bee Tabby coat icon.png Mystic-Bee Tabby.png Bee Tabby 150 Mews
Calicomania coat icon.png Mystic-Calicomania.png Calicomania 150 Mews

Peanut's Trading Post

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Cost
Orange Cream icon.png Orange cream.png Orange Cream 150 Mews
Ruddy.png Ruddycoat.png Ruddy 150 Mews
Zebra.png Custom-Zebra.png Zebra 150 Mews
Umbra coat icon.png Umbracat.png Umbra 200 Mews
Pink.png Pink tabby.png Pink Tabby 200 Mews
Ticked Cream coat icon.png Ticked cream.png Ticked Cream 200 Mews
Regal.png Regalcat.png Regal 250 Mews
Darkcalico.png Dark Calico.png Dark Calico 250 Mews

Molo's Mole Cash Shop

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Cost
Cowhide.PNG Minec-Cowhide.png Cowhide 250 Mole Cash
Mottled White coat icon.png Minec-Mottled White.png Mottled White 350 Mole Cash
Siamese color.png Minec-Siamese.png Siamese 350 Mole Cash
Black Calico coat icon.png Black Calico.png Black Calico 450 Mole Cash

Molu's Mole Cash Shop

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Cost
Pink color.png Minep-Pink.png Pink 250 Mole Cash
Pink white color.png Pink-White coat.png Pink/White 350 Mole Cash
Candy coat icon.png Minep-Candy.png Candy 350 Mole Cash
Fiery.PNG Minep-fierybrown.png Fiery Brown 450 Mole Cash

Molay's Mole Cash Shop

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Cost
Frost color.png Minei-Frost.png Frost 250 Mole Cash
Frost white color.png Frost-White coat.png Frost/White 350 Mole Cash
Frosttabby color.png Minei-Frost Tabby.png Frost Tabby 350 Mole Cash
Seafoam.PNG Minei-Seafoam.png Seafoam 450 Mole Cash

Festival Shop

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Source Cost
Sunbeam coat icon.png Festival-Sunbeam.png Sunbeam Summer Festival 4 Festival Tokens
Sun Tabby.png Festival-Sun Tabby.png Sun Tabby Summer Festival 8 Festival Tokens
Pumpkin coat icon.png Festival-Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Autumn Festival 4 Festival Tokens
Silhouette.PNG Festival-Silhouette.png Silhouette Autumn Festival 8 Festival Tokens
Snowday coat icon.png Festival-Snowday.png Snowday Winter Festival 4 Festival Tokens
Glacier coat icon.png Glacier.png Glacier Winter Festival 8 Festival Tokens
Pastels coat icon.png Festival-Pastels.png Pastels Spring Festival 4 Festival Tokens
Painted coat icon.png Painted.png Painted Spring Festival 8 Festival Tokens

Task Board Shop

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Cost
Wind Tabby coat icon.png Wind Tabby.png Wind Tabby 6 Task Tokens
Indigo coat icon.png Indigo.png Indigo 6 Task Tokens
Daffodil coat icon.png Daffodil.png Daffodil 8 Task Tokens
Basil coat icon.png Basil.png Basil 8 Task Tokens
Neon coat icon.png Neon.png Neon 8 Task Tokens
Ghost coat icon.png Ghost.png Ghost 12 Task Tokens
Rainbow coat icon.png Rainbow.png Rainbow 12 Task Tokens

Special Conditions

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Source
Guardian coat icon.png Quest-Guardian.png Guardian Completing the Forest Guardian Quest
Smoky Blue coat icon.png Credits-Smoky Blue.png Smoky Blue Scoring 250 to 499 points in the Credits Game
Burnt Tabby coat icon.png Credits-Burnt Tabby.png Burnt Tabby Scoring 500 to 749 points in the Credits Game
Watermelon coat icon.png Credits-Watermelon.png Watermelon Scoring 750 to 999 points in the Credits Game
Swiss coat icon.png Credits-Swiss.png Swiss Scoring at least 1000 points in the Credits Game
Kickstarter.png Kickstarter Courageous Cat tier in the Cattails Kickstarter
Black Tabby.png Black Tabby Courageous Cat Deluxe tier in the Cattails Kickstarter
Orange Bengal.png Orange Bengal Burmese Beta tier in the Cattails Kickstarter, and early access players
Indy popcon.png PopCon Cattails Indy PopCon 2017
Fire Bengal coat icon.png Fire Bengal.png Fire Bengal Cattails convention 2018

Coat Color Promo Codes

Promo codes[1] never expire. The player can copy and paste the codes in-game using (Ctrl + V). Custom coat colors that were not created by the developers were made by Kickstarter backers who backed the Radiant Rex tier or higher. These backers are not obligated to release their codes, and may choose to share it or keep it to themselves.

Shop symbol.png ? coat.png Name Creator Code
Pink Stripes coat icon.png Code-Pink Stripes.png Pink Stripes Falcon Development & Beka ICECOLDLEMONADE
Peppermint coat icon.png Code-Peppermint.png Peppermint Falcon Development & Beka HOLIDAYCHEER
Hacker coat icon.png Hacker.png Hacker Falcon Development & Beka NICETRYHACKER
Black Bengal coat icon.png Black bengal.png Black Bengal Falcon Development & Beka SPOOKYKITTY
Dark Purple coat icon.png Dark purple.png Dark Purple Falcon Development & Beka PURPLESHADOW
Pink Bengal coat icon.png Pink Bengal.png Pink Bengal Falcon Development & Beka HOTPINKBENGAL
Cream Tabby coat icon.png Cream Tabby.png Cream Tabby Falcon Development & Beka SMOOTHANDCREAMY
Blue Bengal coat icon.png Blue Bengal.png Blue Bengal Falcon Development & Beka DARKBLUESPOTS
Aurora coat icon.png Aurora coat.png Aurora Falcon Development & Beka NORTHERNLIGHTS
Phoenix coat icon.png Code-Phoenix.png Phoenix Heathcliff DMAWZYVBQDVCWHE
Cyan Tint coat icon.png Code-Cyan Tint.png Cyan Tint meowyn JTQZNYQGCLSJBME
Penny coat icon.png Code-Penny.png Penny jessimew HPCNPBRFTTQPQCJ
Lavender Lynx coat icon.png Code-Lavender Lynx.png Lavender Lynx Sarcastic Lynx NRXBDQEVHKZWLCB
Mossy coat icon.png Code-Mossy.png Mossy seri BCSYPYDHLSKUVSN
Blank coat icon.png Code-Blank.png Blank milma ZKVGSFYULVMTGNQ
Buebi coat icon.png Code-Buebi.png Buebi zumbi NYZUVGDFFCBLXXC
Delta coat icon.png Code-Delta.png Delta Delta VJCDLAWZDSXCGXK
Chocolate Bengal coat icon.png Code-Chocolate Bengal.png Chocolate Bengal ventriloquist QCGFHATCGNNLYML
Pirrone coat icon.png Code-Pirrone.png Pirrone piecey YQQRWVQKJZJRWRL
Lilac Point coat icon.png Code-Lilac Point.png Lilac Point friedkilamari EBMGTAPVWAQLGUL
Blood Tiger coat icon.png Code-edgy.png Blood Tiger castiron NENDHNFNZXXDUTW
Patchy Calico coat icon.png Code-Patchy Calico.png Patchy Calico Lillia21 BZAYNAZRKTLJPVD
Jo coat icon.png Jo.png Jo scarth64 XNWYLYVWVGZYFNX
Blue-Gray coat icon.png Blue-Gray.png Blue/Gray scarth64 ZAAXTQTCMGJECNN
Kodiak coat icon.png Kodiak coat.png Kodiak DuckGoesRawr UWPRPMNQPEQAMTJ
Constellation coat icon.png Constellation.png Constellation Emma Universe QBCHEZBVBEWHRJK
Dobby coat icon.png Dobby.png Dobby darkmazer GVMSBDUMPZBRLMK
Starry Pelt coat icon.png Starry pelt.png Starry Pelt bear GYBWTYRKDLGZYDY
Flame coat icon.png Flame.png Flame Tyrrlin No code released
Chimera coat icon.png Chimera.png Chimera Mely No code released
Bad weather.png Bad Weather Badweather4cast No code released
Beef.png Beef Tom No code released
Lynx point.png Lynx Point Kevin No code released
Sentry.png Sentry shian No code released
Cut.png Cute Tabby alisawhiteheart No code released
Wegie.png Wegie alisawhiteheart's wife No code released
? coat.png Salt/Pepper Unknown No code released


  • The “Hacker” coat color's code is a reference to Cats: Untold Tales, one of Falcon Development's first games. In the game, if the player tried to name their cat “Falconstar”, it would change to “Nicetryhacker”.
  • Kittens and re-colored Custom Colony cats do not receive effects given by certain coats (the translucency from Guardian and Ghost, and the color changing from Rainbow and Aurora).