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Jag is a tan cat with yellow eyes. They are The Mountain Domain's guard.


Jag is cold and indifferent towards outsiders, but encouraging and honest to trusted cats. They are a loyal guard dedicated to protecting their domain.


Jag’s den is by the south town entrance. There is a stalagmite beside it, and a doorway made of sharp rocks that looks uninviting.

Daily Routine

6 AM - Exit den, stand by south town entrance.

1 PM - Stand by west town entrance.

6 PM - Stand by east town entrance.

11 PM - Return to den.

Gift Guide

Item Favorite Love Like Neutral Dislike Hate
Food Bluejay, Cardinal, Catfish Black Hare, Crow, Dove, Licorice Root, Rabbit Blackberries, All Fish, Frog, All Mice, Raspberries, All Squirrels, Toad, Winter Blueberries Turtle Meat
Herbs Catnip Snake Lily Lavender Goldenseal, Marigold Valerian
Bugs Black Firefly, Lunar Butterfly, Northern Emerald Lesser Fireflies Lesser Butterflies, Dragonflies All Ladybugs
Misc. Diamond Emerald, Gold Ore, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz Conch, Scallop, Turtle Shell Iron Ore Rock Debris

Possible Gifts


Note: The backslash (/) indicates new dialogue or a text break in-game. This is a sample of possible dialogue.

  • “Who are you, anyway? You don’t look familiar. / It’s my job to keep cats who don’t belong here away from our homes! I’m the town guard for the Mountain Domain. / ...You say your name is (Name)? Hmmm, I think I heard someone mention you were arriving soon... / Alright, you’re off the hook for now, but don’t go causing trouble or I’ll be the one cleaning up your mess!”

    - Jag, Intro

  • “Scram, kid. / Go home.”

    - Zero stars

  • “Stay out of my way if you want to avoid trouble. / I've got an important job to do, so please leave me be.”

    - One star

  • “Huh? What’s the big idea?”

    - Two stars

  • “Hmm, it's just (Name).”

    - Three stars

  • “Did you need something from me, (Name)?”

    - Four stars

  • “Hey (Name). How are the borders looking today?”

    - Five stars

2 Stars

  • “Ain't much to say to you today. I've got a job to do.”

  • “I’ve been guarding the Mountain Domain for many years now. / I swore an oath to protect this town and all its inhabitants. / Sometimes folks think I come off a little abrasive, and they’re probably right. Hard to do this job properly without some skepticism!”

  • “Remember that trust has to be earned. You don't get a free-pass in life. / Especially not with me!”

  • “They say raspberries grow near the forest to the southwest in summer. / I've never been down that way myself, so I wouldn't know for sure.”

3 Stars

  • “If you find yourself in a battle, keep your wits about you. It's the only way to survive. / Find your enemy's weakness and exploit it. They'll be doing the same to you!”

  • “Mind your step as you climb the stone steps up and down from the rock basin. They get slippery with spray from the waterfall sometimes. / More than one cat has slipped and fallen!”

  • “Most cats around here moved into pre-built houses up on the rock basin. Not me. / I built my den with my own four paws. Hauling heavy boulders builds character. You should try it sometime.”

  • “Steer clear of the border unless you like coming home with bruises and scars from a battle. / Those no-good cats that live to the south have been giving us all sorts of grief lately.”

4 Stars

  • “Choose your friends carefully. They'll define who you become, (Name). / Seems to me like you want to become gruff and cantankerous from all the time you spend with me!”

  • “Don't worry about leaving your stuff in your den when you're not around. Jag keeps a close watch on the town. / If any cat is trying to steal from any other cat here, I'll know about it before they can even finish their heist.”

  • “Most days I prefer to be alone, but today I appreciate the company. What's the latest with you, (Name)?”

  • “You're a driven cat, (Name), and I can respect that. / Just mind that you don't push yourself too hard, ok? There's a happy balance somewhere in the middle in all things.”

5 Stars

  • “I don't have many friends in life, (Name), but I'm glad to have you. / You've earned my respect and trust.”

  • “Keep up the good work, (Name). You're making your domain proud.”

  • “When I was a kitten, the Mountain Domain was attacked by a raiding party from the north. / Cats surrounded us on all sides, pressing in towards our homes. My parents went out to face them and to keep me safe. / They lost their lives that night, defending me and the rest of the domain. But they kept us away from harm with their sacrifice by diverting the attack. / That's why I take my job so seriously. I'm the first line of defense from invasions. I'll never allow for a repeat of that horrible night.”

    - Jag

  • “Some cat left this (Item) right outside camp. I'm not quite sure who it belongs to, so I guess you can have it.”

    - Jag Gift

    • “Remember to find a use for that thing I gave you. Don't let anything good go to waste!”

      - Jag, After Gift

    • “Some cat left something right outside camp today. I was going to give it to you, but it looks like your paws are full at the moment... / Maybe come back after you've dropped something?”

      - Jag Gift (Full Inventory/Holding Item)

    • “So many gifts from you today. It's starting to feel like bribery! I can't take this.”

      - Gift Limit

    • “Hmph. It means a lot to me, (Name).”

      - Favorite

    • “This is too good a gift for Jag... but I'll gladly accept.”

      - Love

    • “Oh, for me? Thanks.”

      - Like

    • “Hmmm? You're leaving this for me?”

      - Neutral

    • “That's not something I like.”

      - Dislike

    • “What's your problem, huh? Don't give me those!!”

      - Hate

  • “You've seen better days, kid. You might want to visit Luna before you pass out!”

    - Jag (Player Low Health)

    • “Around these parts, we have to hunt for ourselves. Don't come begging to me just because you're starving, go catch something with your own paws!”

      - Jag (Player Low Hunger)

  • “I don't like this weather. Not one bit. / Hard to see if any cats are approaching or leaving camp when it's all foggy out. Makes my job that much harder!”

    - Jag, Foggy

    • “I'm surprised you didn't mistake me for a frozen cat statue. My paws feel like ice!”

      - Jag, Snow

  • “Even a guard has to get away from home every now and again. It’s good to take breaks from work.”

    - Jag, Spring

    • “I'm celebrating with everyone else, but I'm also here to keep the peace.”

      - Jag, Summer

    • “I'm only sticking around for a little while. Then I need to get back to my post at the Mountain Domain!”

      - Jag, Autumn

    • “A new year is here, are you ready for it?”

      - Jag, Winter

  • “...Huh? Do I look like a cat that wants to spend my time chatting with cats of other colonies? / Could give the others a bad impression.”

    • “It’s my job to protect our domain’s town. I usually have to keep cats from your colony away from this area.”

    • “What do you want? Don’t try to distract me from my duties!”

    • “You’re not a Mountain Domain cat! What are you doing here?”

      - Jag


    • Jag's portrait was used for a cat named Storm in early game versions.[1]
    • Jag's dedication towards the Mountain Domain comes from a said past invasion that their parents died in, protecting Jag and the rest of the domain.


    Mtn Domain.png
    The Mountain Domain
    Mtn Domain.png

    Leader: Leo
    Doctor: Luna (Marriageable)
    Guard: Jag
    Shopkeeper: Delta
    Residents: Arthur (Marriageable), Robin (Marriageable), Pebble (Marriageable)