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This article is about the player's reputation with other colonies. For reputation with cats, see: Friendship and Marriage.


Reputation is a gameplay element in Cattails. It indicates a colony's trust level with the player. The player can increase reputation by giving gifts to other colonies.


The player can raise colony reputation by holding an item to give to the town guard and selecting “Give (Item) to (Colony)”. Speaking to colony residents and giving gifts to them will increase reputation slightly, but less than when giving colony gifts to the town guard. Reputation with an outside colony will decrease over time if they are not given gifts or visited often.

If the player moves to another colony, their existing colony's reputation will drop to 0%. If the player creates a custom colony, their previous colony's reputation will only drop to 50%. The player's home colony reputation always stays at 100%. Moving to another colony does not affect the player's friendship level with colony residents.

Reputation Privilege
25% Access to colony's town and cats
50% Access to colony's services (Doctor and Shopkeeper) and keys to main quest areas
75% Ability to join colony, enemy cats do not attack unless provoked
100% Diplomat achievement at 100% with all colonies

Colony Gift Guide

Each colony has the same preferences. There are five levels of gift approval, with varying reputation increases when given to a colony.

Item Love +5% Like +3% Neutral +2% Dislike +.5% Hate +0.1%
Food Bluejay, Cardinal, Catfish Bass, Black Hare, Dove, Mackerel, Salmon, Turtle Meat Crow, Frog, All Mice, Rabbit, Sea Bass, All Squirrels, Toad, Trout All Berries, Licorice Root
Herbs Catnip Lavender, Marigold, Snake Lily Goldenseal, Valerian
Bugs Black Firefly, Blue Ladybug, Lunar Butterfly, Northern Emerald Tropical Butterfly Rare Insects Uncommon Insects Common Insects
Misc. Diamond, Turtle Shell Conch, Emerald, Ruby Sapphire Black Rose, Gold Ore, Scallop, Single-Use Items, Topaz Iron Ore, Rock Debris


Each colony has the same dialogue.

  • “Our colony/domain thanks you for this impressively generous gift!”

    - Love

  • “Our colony/domain thanks you for this great gift!”

    - Like

  • “This is a good gift. Our colony/domain will be very grateful.”

    - Neutral

  • “I suppose we can find a use for this.”

    - Dislike

  • “I do not see how this will be helpful, but I accept it nonetheless.”

    - Hate


  • There is a 1% increase in reputation with other colonies when attending festivals.