Scout is a brown tabby cat with light blue eyes. They are a marriageable cat from The Forest Colony.


Scout is a positive and easygoing cat. They are an avid hunter who is dedicated to protecting their colony's borders.


Scout’s den is by the west town entrance. A catfish, mouse, and squirrel are laid outside, with plenty of prey stocked up inside the den.

Daily Routine

5 AM - Stand by den.

9 AM - Exit town, stalk Forest West.

3 PM - Enter town, stand by den.

9 PM - Return to den.

Gift Guide

Item Favorite Love Like Neutral Dislike Hate
Food Bluejay, Cardinal, Catfish Black Hare, Rabbit, Salmon, Turtle Meat All Mice Bass, Blackberries, Crow, Dove, Frog, Mackerel, Raspberries, All Squirrels, Toad, Trout Sea Bass Licorice Root, Winter Blueberries
Herbs Catnip Goldenseal Lavender, Snake Lily, Valerian Marigold
Bugs Black Firefly, Blue Ladybug Lunar Butterfly, Northern Emerald Rare, Uncommon Butterflies Lesser Butterflies, Dragonflies, Ladybugs Lesser Fireflies
Misc. Diamond Conch, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Scallop, Topaz, Turtle Shell Gold Ore, Iron Ore Rock Debris

Possible Gifts

  • Harvest Mouse
  • Field Mouse
  • Valerian
  • Catnip
  • Mouse
  • Marigold


Note: The backslash (/) indicates new dialogue or a text break in-game. This is a sample of possible dialogue.

  • “I don't think I know you. How's about we change that right now? / Name's Scout. I work for Mayor. Our little colony relies on my skills to make sure our borders are safe and all. It isn't a glamorous job, but hey, someone's gotta do it!”

    - Scout, Intro

  • “Hey, why don't you go and bother somebody else?/ Not to be a jerk or whatever, but I'd rather spend my time elsewhere.”

    - Zero stars

  • “You're kinda ruining my day, you know. / Hey, I'd love to talk, but I'm a little busy.”

    - One star

  • “Huh? Did you need something?”

    - Two stars

  • “Good to see you today.”

    - Three stars

  • “Well well well, if it isn't (Name)!”

    - Four stars

  • “Hey buddy! What's new with you, (Name)?”

    - Five stars

Greetings (Dating)

  • “(Name)! I was hoping we could hang out today, and here you are!”

    - Scout (White/Blue)

  • “TBA”

    - Scout (Green/Yellow)

  • “Hey (Name)..! Can I ask you something? ...Oh, never mind...”

    - Scout (Red)

Greetings (Married)

  • “I love you, (Name)!”

    - Scout


White/Blue Heart

  • “TBA”

    - Scout

Green/Yellow Heart

  • “TBA”

    - Scout

Red Heart

  • “TBA”

    - Scout


  • “TBA”

    - Scout

2 Stars

  • “Hope you don't mind if I'm a bit chatty today. My job gets kinda lonely sometimes, so I appreciate the company. / What's the farthest you've ever been from the borders? It's a dangerous world out there. Better make sure you can sneak like a champion if you wanna hang around out there.”

  • “I got really good at staying hidden from sight from hunting all the time. / You gotta know how close you can get to those mice and rabbits before they’re going to scurry away if you wanna be any good at it. / Remember to make as little noise as possible, and keep downwind if you can.”

  • “I'd like to say that I'm the best in the business when it comes to sneaking around, but I can't be sure that I'm right. / After all, what if there's a sneakier cat, and I just don't know about them because they're too sneaky?”

  • “Sometimes it's helpful to be quicker than your opponent. That's why I never go anywhere without some Valerian. / It's an herb that grows well around old tree stumps. One whiff of that and it's you've got a second wind in your legs!”

  • “You ever come down with a bad case of the munchies? 'Cause I've got a bad case of the munchies right now. / I had a big meal but my stomach's just not satisfied yet. You got anything to spare?”

3 Stars

  • “Stay sharp and be quick on your toes! That's the best advice I ever received, and I figured maybe you could use it too.”

4 Stars

  • “I count you among my friends, (Name), and I expect you feel the same. / I'm grateful for your company!”

  • “I did all sorts of exercise yesterday, and now I'm all exhausted and beat up! / It ain't fun in the moment, but it'll all be worth it in the end. What's your go-to workout routine?”

  • “I see lots of cats doing things so they'll be accepted or appreciated by others, but that's not my style. / I'm not in it for anybody's approval but my own.”

  • “I was just thinking about you, (Name)! I has a dream last night that we were both in. / We had to fight off these crazy dog robots in space. It was insane. / At one point, I got trapped under a really big rock, and you saved my life! So... thanks, I guess!”

  • “You been up to any shenanigans lately, (Name)? You seem like the sort that would get in trouble all the time. / That's not a bad thing you know! Life would be boring without a few movers and shakers to make things interesting.”

  • “You look up to anyone in particular, (Name)? Everybody's got a role model that they respect. / Mine is Doc. That cat knows a thing or two about how to treat you right!”

5 Stars

  • “So (Name), you're like the coolest cat in town. Can you teach me how to be as cool as you?”

    - Scout

  • “Do you want my extra (Item)? I don't need it. / Here, it's yours now.”

    - Scout Gift

  • “Did you find a use for that thing I gave you yet?”

    - Scout, After Gift

  • “Do you want my extra item? I don't need it. / I'd give you it, but it looks like your hands are full already!”

    - Scout Gift (Full Inventory/Holding Item)

  • “That's super swell of you, but I've got plenty of stuff from you already today.”

    - Gift Limit

  • “Wow!! How did you find one of these, (Name)? These are my favorite!”

    - Favorite

  • “Oh wow! I've always loved these. Thanks a billion, (Name)!”

    - Love

  • “Hey, thanks! I've always liked these, (Name)!”

    - Like

  • “That's real nice of you! Thanks.”

    - Neutral

  • “Thanks for thinking about me, but I'm not sure I really want this to be honest...”

    - Dislike

  • “That's not very nice of you...”

    - Hate

  • “Whoa whoa whoa! Did you get into a fight with a skunk or something? You're not looking too hot right now.”

    - Scout (Player Low Health)

  • “You look starved! Go find yourself some food, (Name). / ...Well? Don't look at me, I ain't got nothing to share!”

    - Scout (Player Low Hunger)

  • “Another foggy day! Equal parts good and bad to me. What do you think?”

    - Scout, Foggy

  • “You feel that light breeze today? That's a sign of a good day. / Not a cloud in the sky.”

    - Scout, Sunny

  • “This is a big storm we're having, isn't it? Stay safe if you have to go out today!”

    - Scout, Thunderstorm


  • “What a beautiful time of the year! Don't you think so? / Can't get enough of the smell of those flowers blooming all over the place. Mhhm!”

  • “Only thing I don’t like about summer is all the bees that keep buzzing about. / I go to stand under a tree for shade, but then I see a beehive right above me and have to book it! It’s just the worse.”

    - Scout


  • “Brrr! What I wouldn't do to be warm again.”
  • “I can barely see anything in this nasty weather! You doing alright, (Name)?”

    - Scout, Blizzard

  • “I wouldn't mind if it this snow were to stop right about now. It just keeps accumulating.”

    - Scout, Snow

  • “Are you having fun? I'm having a blast! What a great summer it has been.”

    - Scout, Summer

  • “On my way over to the temple I was tracking a really big mouse. It got away, but I'll grab it on my way back for sure!”

    - Scout, Autumn

  • “What's been your proudest accomplishment this year?”

    - Scout, Winter

  • “You can't beat us!”

    - Scout, Game Rival

  • “We can take them, no sweat!”

    - Scout, Game Teammate



  • Scout's Brown Tiger coat color can be bought at Ember's Shop for 150 Mews.
  • Scout's portrait was used for a cat named Tiger in early game versions.[1]
  • Scout is one of the only marriageable cats that you can marry without gaining access to their colony, the other being Lyrus.


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The Forest Colony
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Leader: Mayor
Doctor: Doc (Marriageable)
Guard: Sarge
Shopkeeper: Ember
Residents: Lyrus (Marriageable), Missy (Marriageable), Scout (Marriageable)

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