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The Sacred Temple is a structure located in the center of the Cattails world. It is mainly used for ceremonies and festivals, but also hosts other functions.


The Sacred Temple is located in the exact center of the map. It is five tiles south of the Mountain Domain, four tiles east of the Forest Colony, and two tiles north/three tiles west of the Mystic Colony.



The Sacred Temple is made of white marble or stone with four staircases leading to a pillared platform. In the center of the temple, there is a pond with a Red Rose bush, and the entrance to the Temple Ruins. The temple will be decorated with confetti and garlands during festivals.


The Temple Ruins are located underground. There are small streams surrounding the six pillars with a stone bridge leading to each one. The Forest Guardian's pedestal is located in the center corridor of the Temple Ruins. Time and hunger are frozen here.



On the tenth day of each season, a festival at the Sacred Temple is hosted by Coco. Colony leaders will remind the player on the ninth day before, when spoken to. All cats will attend from 11 AM to 7 PM. The player can speak to NPCs, but cannot give gifts to them. The player can participate in festival games by speaking to Coco, and can earn Festival Tokens to spend in their shop. The Temple can only be entered once during festivals. After exiting the player returns to the den at 9 PM. During the event, time and hunger are frozen.


When the player gives a Shiny Trinket to their mate, a ceremony will be held at the Sacred Temple. The player will appear in front of the pond to be wed by Coco. Cats with four stars and up will appear as guests. However, there is a limit to how many cats are allowed at the ceremony, and not all cats with four stars and up will appear.


On the third day of each season, Elli will visit the Sacred Temple. When spoken to, they can change the player's name or their kitten's names for 25 Mews.

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